95 Virtual Hikes of the
Gifford Pinchot National Forest

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Hike Name Date Hiked Remarks
 Aldrich Butte    
 Angel Falls and Covel Creek Falls    
 Ape Canyon and the Plains of Abraham    
 Ape Caves Loop    
 Augspurger Mountain    
 Badger Peak    
 Big Creek Falls Nature Trail    
 Bird Creek Meadows Loop    
 Blue Lake    
 Bunker Hill    
 Cedar Flats    
 Cispus Basin Hike    
 Cispus Pass via Nannie Ridge    
 Cispus Point    
 Cispus Point via Jackpot Lake    
 Coal Creek Mountain Trail and Bluff Lake    
 Coldwater Lake Loop Hike    
 Coldwater Peak    
 Cora Lake    
 Council Bluff    
 Craggy Peak    
 Curly Creek Falls    
 Deep Lake    
 Dog Mountain - Red    
 Dog Mountain - Green    
 Dog Mountain - Orange    
 Elk Lake via Cultus Lake and Clear Lake    
 Falls Creek Falls    
 Foggy Flats    
 Ghost Lake    
 Glacier Lake    
 Glacier View    
 Goat Lake    
 Goat Mountain and Deadman Lake    
 Grassy Knoll and Big Huckleberry Mountain    
 Harmony Falls Trail    
 Harry's Ridge    
 Hat Rock via Snagtooth Trail    
 Hawkeye Point    
 Heart Lake in Hellroaring Canyon    
 High Rock Peak    
 Independence Pass Overlook    
 Indian Heaven Lake Loop via Thomas Lake    
 Indian Racetrack    
 Johnston Ridge Observatory Trail    
 Jumbo Peak    
 Jumbo Peak via Dark Meadows    
 Junction Lake via East Crater Trail    
 June Lake    
 Juniper Peak    
 Killen Creek and High Divide Camp    
 Lake Wapiki    
 Langfield Falls    
 Lava Canyon    
 Layser Cave    
 Lemei Rock    
 Lewis River Falls    
 Lily Basin to Hawkeye Point    
 Little Huckleberry Mountain    
 Little Mt Adams and the Ridge of Wonders    
 Looking Glass Lake and Stagman Ridge Loop    
 McCoy Peak    
 Mount Beljica and Lake Christine    
 Mt Margaret via Johnston Ridge    
 Mt Margaret via Norway Pass    
 Mt Mitchell    
 Mt St Helens Climb    
 Mt Whittier - Mt Margaret Backcountry Loop    
 Nannie Ridge and Sheep Lake Loop    
 Observation Peak    
 Old Snowy Mountain Hike    
 Placid Lake and Chenamus Lake    
 Pothole, Bertha May, and Granite Lakes    
 Purcell Peak    
 Sawtooth Mountain    
 Sheep Canyon    
 Shoe Lake    
 Silver Star and Pyramid Rock    
 Silver Star Mountain and Ed's Trail    
 Silver Star Mountain via Little Baldy Mountain    
 Siouxon Creek    
 Siouxon Peak    
 Sleeping Beauty    
 Snowgrass Flats Loop    
 Soda Peaks Lake (long approach)    
 Soda Peaks Lake (short approach)    
 Southpoint Mountain    
 Sunrise Peak    
 Surprise Lake and Conrad Basin    
 Table Mountain    
 Tatoosh Lakes    
 Tatoosh Ridge and Peak    
 Tongue Mountain    
 Trail of 2 Forests    
 Trapper Creek Loop    
 Whistle-Punk UAT    
 Windy Pass    

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