105 Virtual Hikes of the
Mt. Hood National Forest

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Hike # Hike Title Date Hiked Comments
1 Mt Defiance

2 Bear Lake

3 North Lake

4 Rainy Lake

5 Mud Lake

6 Tomlike Mountain

7 Chinidere Mountain

8 Indian Mountain

9 Buck Peak from Indian Springs TH

10 Buck Peak from Lost Lake TH

11 Lost Lake Loop

12 Lost Lake Butte

13 Castle Canyon

14 Zig Zag Mountain Loop

15 Zig Zag Canyon Ridge to Paradise Park

16 Hidden Lake

17 Horseshoe Ridge

18 Cast Lake

19 East Zig Zag Mtn via Burnt Lake

20 Burnt Lake

21 Ramona Falls

22 Yocum Ridge

23 McNeil Point

24 Bald Mountain Overlook

25 Cairn Basin via Mazama Trail

26 Barrett Spur via Vista Ridge

27 Pinnacle Ridge Trail

28 Mirror Lake

29 Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

30 Paradise Park via Timberline Trail

31 Zig Zag Canyon Overlook

32 Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood

33 Mt. Hood Meadows Loop

34 Elk Meadows via Newton Creek

35 Newton Creek Loop

36 Gnarl Ridge and Lamberson Butte

37 Bluegrass Ridge via Polallie TH and Elk Meadows

38 Tamanawas Falls

39 Tamanawas Falls via Polallie TH

40 Surveyor Ridge via East Zig Zag Trail

41 Dog River Trail Overlook

42 Cooper Spur from Cloud Cap

43 Elk Cove from Cloud Cap

44 Gumjuwac Viewpoint

45 Lookout Mountain via Gumjuwac Saddle

46 Lookout Mountain via the Divide Trail

47 Oval Lake via Fret Creek

48 Gordon Butte Overlook

49 Jean Lake

50 Gunsite Butte - Badger Lake Loop

51 Badger Lake via Gumjuwac Saddle

52 Barlow Pass to Palmateer Point

53 Barlow Pass - Twin Lake Loop

54 Twin Lakes from Frog Lake TH

55 Catpalta Lake

56 Boulder Lakes

57 Oak Ridge Trail to Surveyor's Ridge

58 Fivemile Butte Loop

59 Veda Lake

60 Devils Peak

61 Salmon Butte

62 McIntyre Ridge to Wilcat Mountain

63 Old Baldy Mountain

64 Tumala Mountain - West Approach

65 Tumala Mountain - East Approach

66 Plaza Lake

67 Memaloose Lake and South Mountain

68 Serene Lake and Rock Lake Basin

69 Shining Lake

70 Pyramid Lake

71 Buck Lake

72 Shellrock Lake

73 Alder Flats

74 Trillium Lake Loop

75 Timothy Lake Loop

76 Little Crater Lake

77 Clear Creek Trail to Keeps Mill

78 Thunder Mountain

79 Whetstone Mountain

80 Silver King Lake via Whetstone Ridge

81 Twin Lakes via Whetstone Ridge

82 Bull of the Woods Mtn Loop via Pansey Lake

83 Big Slide Mountain and Lake Lenore

84 Welcome Lakes

85 Twin Lakes from Elk Lake TH

86 Battle Ax Mountain Loop

87 Sisi Butte Lookout

88 Potato Butte via Red Lake

89 North Olallie Lake Basin

90 Olallie Butte - Restricted

91 South Olallie Lake Basin

92 Pyramid Butte

93 Table Rock

94 Opal Creek

95 Lookout Mtn via High Divide

96 Clear Lake Butte

97 Little Zig Zag Falls

98 Middle Salmon River

99 Wildcat Mountain

100 Big Slide Lake via Dickey Creek

101 Ball Point - School Canyon Heliport

102 Hawk Mountain

103 Round Lake

104 Mount Lowe

105 Fish Creek Mtn and High Lake

106 Burnt Granite Viewpoint

107 Little Badger Creek

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