A Vision

I had a vision.

In my vision I had died and entered a place of unsurpassed beauty. I found myself standing on a high mountain trail that wound its way through a floral paradise. I was overwhelmed by the clarity of the atmosphere. Such clear air I had not seen since I was a young man in the wilderness of Alaska.

The fragrance of the warm gentle breeze was delicious, and I marveled at the sense of peace that was in my heart. However, it quickly occurred to me that I was alone. I was not alarmed, as most of my hiking during my life was by myself. Nevertheless, I found it curious that no one else was in this paradise with me.

Then I noticed a bright glowing presence coming toward me on the trail. I didnít feel fear but instead a deepening sense of excitement. Soon I realized that it was my Lord and Savior, Jesus, coming toward me on that trail.

The closer He came, the more emotional I became. He seemed to be looking directly into my eyes with each step He took. Soon He stood in front of me and spoke my name. Immediately, I fell to the ground and grasping His feet, I wept uncontrollably. The tears were tears of joy as I repeatedly thanked Him for saving my soul and allowing me to be in His presence.

Then He reached down and lifted me to my feet, put His arms around me, and welcomed me into His kingdom. I couldnít stop telling Him how much I loved Him.

Immediately we left the ground and drifted across the glorious landscape toward a bright shining city on a hilltop some distance away.

As we neared the city, there came into my sight countless others. They were singing a most glorious chorus of joy and gladness. As my Lord and I passed over the crowd, cheers arose, and praises to Jesus rang out. He then asked me to join the throng of raptured souls, and with a smile of love and acceptance He released my hand and I drifted slowly down among the cheering saints.

At last I was home.

By Dennis Stilwell
Feruary 2006

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