This CD is NOT intended to replace other guide books or legitimate maps, but instead is intended to supplement those materials by providing a visual reference to help hikers decide whether or not a particular hike is of their interest and ability level.

Please know that the maps included on this CD were professionally created and are as accurate as we were able to create them. Keep in mind that trails change location due to a variety of reasons, so you may find that your actual experience differs from a map on this CD. All maps within this product are copyrighted by Northwest Hiker.

Northwest Hiker does not accept any liability for accidents or injuries or any loss in connection with trail information, road information, weather information, or any other information published on the nwhiker.com web site or on this CD.

Additionally, readers should be aware that reported conditions may change quickly, and there may be errors in the reports, and that there are inherent dangers and hazards in back country travel.

Please be aware that errors are likely to be found in this one man project. Also, the common flower names that I use may not be correct, but are the best that I could determine with available resources. Thank you.

Dennis Stilwell
Author / Owner