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Wilderness Regulations

Nation-wide Regulations:

  • Possessing or using a motor vehicle, motorboat, or motorized equipment is prohibited. This includes snowmobiles.

  • Possessing or using a hang glider or bicycle is prohibited.

  • Landing of aircraft, or dropping or picking up of any material, supplies, or person by means of aircraft, including a helicopter is prohibited.

Wilderness Regulations:

  • Permits are required to enter any Wilderness on the National Forest. These permits are free, and may be self-issued at trailheads.

  • The group size limit is 12, comprised of any combination of people and pack or saddle stock.

  • Possessing or using a wagon, cart, or other vehicle is prohibited.

  • Shortcutting trail switchbacks is prohibited.

  • Camping within 100 feet of lakes or the Pacific Crest Trail is prohibited.

  • Grazing, hitching, or tethering of stock within 200 feet of lakes is prohibited.

  • Livestock feed must be weed-free certified hay or processed feed. Help keep weeds out of Wilderness.

  • You may cache or store equipment, personal property or supplies for 48 hours or less.

  • You may not be in an area posted as being closed for restoration, wilderness restoration, or rehabilitation.

Wilderness Area Specific Regulations are listed on

(Courtesy of the USFS)