The Ten Essentials

Northwest Hiker Presents A List of 10 Essential
Items that ALL Hikers Should Have with Them while
Enjoying the Trails of the Great Northwest.

  1. Map & Compass / GPS / SPOT
  2. Emergency Shelter
  3. Flashlight/Headlamp with EXTRA Bulb/Batteries
  4. Water and Filtering System
  5. Extra Clothing Including Rain gear
  6. Extra Food
  7. Pocket Knife and repair kit
  8. Waterproof Matches and Fire Starter
  9. Whistle and Metal Mirror
  10. 1st Aid Kit with Insect Repellent,
    Sun screen, and Toilet Paper
(Yah, I know, its more than 10, but I promise, you will not be sorry.)

I have included in this hiking guide the items that I never hike without.
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