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The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Balfour-Klickatat State Park Hike
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Length: .75 mi loop
Elevation Change: 100'
Season: Almost Year Round
Difficulty:    Easy
Permit:   Pass Not Required

Here is a little known, but wonderful little park with a paved trail available for the elderly or physically challenged, or very young.

This fun little trail brings you close to the Klickatat River and in the winter months you are able to enjoy the American Bald Eagles that spend the winter here.

In the spring you can enjoy the fresh green and floral displays so often found on the east slope of the Cascades in early spring.

A deer along the Balfour-Klickata trail
A deer along the Balfour-Klickatat trail

How to get there:

Cross the Hood River Bridge ($1 toll) into Washington. Turn right/east onto WA Hwy 14. Travel about 10 miles to Old Hwy 8 (County Road 1230) - just before entering the town of Lyle and crossing the bridge over the Klickitat River. Ignore the first junction with Hwy 8 - you want the second junction. (Hwy 8 has two junctions with Hwy 14.) Turn left/north and follow Old Hwy 8 for approximately 1/4 mile to the parking lot on the east side of the road, up on the hillside to your right.

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