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The Three Sisters Wilderness Area
Camp Lake Hike
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Length: 14 miles round trip
Elevation Change: 1700' elevation gain
Season: Mid-Summer thru Early Fall
Difficulty:   Difficult
NW Forest Pass Required

Features: The Camp Lake Hike is only snow free for a brief period of time between mid summer and early fall. Yet, it is one of the most rewarding adventures in the beautiful Three Sister's Wilderness Area.

The hike gains about 1700' in elevation, and takes you up from a fairly dense pine forest into the sub alpine region right in the middle of the South Sister and Middle Sister Mountain.

Because the elevations are so high, it is difficult to do this hike at a perfect floral season. Either you may be too early or too late.

Nevertheless, this hike is extremely rewarding in the scenic wonders around you. Not only does the trail take you to the beautiful Camp Lake, but after you cross the North Fork of Squaw Creek, the vistas of all three of the Sisters as well as Broken Top are just plain fabulous.

Obiously, you can encounter large quantities of flying insects at certain times, and yet the later in the season, the less this problem. But of course, the later the season, the less wildflowers. So, lather up and enjoy the beauty. This hike is a must do hike for the serious wild scenery lover.

The trail comes out Difficult on the difficulty meter, but it doesn't seem that hard. I think it climbs so gently that it doesn't feel like a typical difficult hike.

South Sister from trail to Camp Lake
South Sister from trail to Camp Lake

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