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Tom Dick Harry Mountain Hike
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Map of the Mirror Lake, Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Hike

Length: 6.4 mile with loop
Elevation Change: 1600 gain
Season: Late Spring thru late summer
Difficulty:   Challenging
Permit:   NW Forest Pass Required


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This hike begins at the highway 26 Mirror Lake trail head. Most of the hike wanders through dense forest. There are only a couple areas where you can view the surrounding mountains and valleys until you reach the lake itself.

Just before Mirror Lake you intersect the loop trail that goes around Mirror Lake. Keep to the right and you will pass by the north side of the lake. Once again, you must bear right to avoid following the loop trail. The trail to the top of Tom Dick and Harry Mtn climbs gently over the next mile with exceptional vistas of Mt Hood and the surrounding valleys.

When you reach the ridge top, a large pile of rocks will greet you. The trail turns sharply to the left and wanders through a scrub forest. About a third of a mile before the summit, the trail begins to climb steeply over rocky terrain. Upon reaching the top, you are treated to one of the best vistas in the entire Mt Hood National Forest. During season the flowers are abundant. This hike is one of the very best and of course quite popular.

Mt. Hood and Mirror Lake as seen
from Tom Dick and Harry Mountain
How to get there:

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Drive US 26 to one mile west of Government Camp on Mt Hood. The trailhead is on the south side of the highway at a rather large curved part of the road. The trail begins with a wooden bridge across Camp Creek. There is ample parking and porta-facilities are provided in season.

Note: In winter, they tend not to keep the area clear of snow, so there is no place to park if you want to snowshoe into Mirror Lake.

Note: This is the same trailhead for Mirror Lake and Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain.

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