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The Mt. Hood National Forest
Tamanawas Falls via Polallie Trailhead Hike
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Map of the Polallie, Tamanawas Falls Hike

Length: 4.25 mile loop
Elevation Change: 900' gain
Season: Late Spring thru Fall
Difficulty:   Moderate
Permit:   NW Forest Pass Required


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Excellent loop hike beginning on Trail #650 at Polallie Trail head. The trail begins with a very steep climb right off highway 35, and soon intersects Trail #645. At this junction eave Trail #650 which you will use to complete the loop, and follow #645 to the right. The trail levels off a bit and wanders through dense forested areas. At about 1.5 miles you reach the junction to trail #650B. Follow Trail #650B downhill toward Tamanawas Falls. The trail remains mostly in dense forest. Due to a bridge washout, a new user created trail leads you across a rocky slope and connects to the original trail just a short distance from the falls.

You have several areas to view Tamanawas Falls and all are outstanding. You can even walk up to and behind the falls if you don't mind getting wet. Return by trail #650A which follows Cold Spring Creek. This is a beautiful hike along a scenic creek. You will cross Cold Springs Creek twice. First just before the junction with Trail #650 which also crosses Cold Spring Creek and follows the East Fork of the Hood River back to the Polallie Trail head. The hike is almost entirely in forested areas with only occasional views. Tamanawas Falls is spectacular and well worth the effort regardless of the trail options you choose.

Tamanawas Falls
How to get there:

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Follow Oregon Hwy 35 south of Hood River or north from Hwy 26 near Government Camp until you come to the road to Cooper Spur. Just a hundred feet south of that junction on the east side of Hwy 35 is the parking area for the Polallie Trailhead. To access the trail you have to walk across the highway, so be careful.

Note: This is the same trailhead for the Polallie approach to Tamanawas Falls and for the Bluegrass Ridge Loop hike.

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