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Okanogan National Forest
Tiffany Mountain Hike
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Length: 5.5 mile one way
Elevation Change: 2100' cumulative elevation gain
Season: Summer thru Fall
Difficulty:   Difficult
NWF Pass not required

Features: The trailhead for this hike is located just across the road from Tiffany Springs campground. It is well marked.

For the first mile the trail descends through a recently burned forest to Tiffany Lake. The trail follows along the Northeast side of the lake and offers several outstanding vistas including Tiffany Mountain.

A the east end of the lake the trai climbs steadily to Honeymoon Pass, which is about 2 miles from the trailhead. In season this part of the trail offers outstanding floral displays. If you are quiet and alert, you are likely to see both deer and elk.

From Honeymoon Pass you are treated with the best view of the north face of Tiffany Mountain which even in the last summer has snow hidden in the deep craigs. Now the trail begins to descends for about a half a mile through burnt forest and open meadows.

After a half mile descent from Honeymoon Pass, the trail makes a sharp right turn and is fairly difficult to follow. Then the trail makes a sharp left turn and begins a very steep half-mile climb to the ridgeline.

From the ridgeline, you can see Whistler Pass to which the trail takes you and where you will begin your climb up Tiffany Mountain. The hike along this stretch of the trail is great because of the views and the abundant wildlfowers (in season). There are a couple of switchbacks along the way, but all in all this part of the trail is great.

Once you reach the pass, the trail levels off as it makes its way along the southern flank of Tiffany Mountain. The trail to the summit is a users trail and marked by a large rock cairn. The trail up to the summit is easy to follow and offers incredible views, especially to the north where below you is the trail you just took to get there.

Upon reaching the summit, the trail drops down the southwest side of the mountain and reconnects with the main trail that you left earlier to hike to the summit. Continue downhill all the way to the parking area, which concludes this shuttle hike.

How to get there:

Access from the South: From C o n c o n u l l y, drive through town to the north on County road #2361 which turns into Forest Service Road #38 at Forest Service boundary. Continue on Forest Service Road #38 for 9 miles to Salmon Meadows Campground and junction with the Forest Service Road #3820. From Salmon Meadows Campground travel on the Forest Service Road #3820 1 mile to the North Fork Trailhead.

Access from the North: From C o n c o n u l l y, take County Road #2017 southwest around C o n c o n u l l y Reservoir for approximately 3 miles to the junction with Forest Service Road #37. Travel Forest Service Road #37 for about 21 miles to the junction with Forest Service Road # 39. Turn right onto the Forest Service Road #39 and travel north 8 miles Tiffany Springs Campground. Trail begins across the Forest Service Road #39 from the Campground entrance.

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