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Coyote Wall - Labyrinth Hike
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Map of Coyote Wall - Labyrinth Hike

Length: 3 miles round trip
Elevation Change: 500 feet
Season:   Late winter thru late fall
Difficulty:   Moderate
Permit:   Pass Not Required
GPS:   N45 42.318, W121 22.998
Latitude:   45.7053
Longitude:   -121.3833

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This is a jewell of a little hike not very well known but very special. Located on the eastern slope of Coyote Wall, this hike affords excellent vistas looking east up the Columbia River Gorge toward Catherine Creek and across at McCall Point. It has gained the name The Labyrinth by those who use it.

The best way to approach this hike is to park on the apron of the old highway 14 at the junction of SR14 and the Old Hwy 14, which leads to Catherine Creek. Walk west on the old roadbed for about a half mile. You will walk past a waterfall, which represents a creek that you will encounter later as you gain elevation on this hike. In season, this falls is robust.

At about a half mile, you will see a distinct trailheading uphill to your right. Follow this trail which will lead you through a wonderful series of small plateaus with park-like settings. Each season brings its own rewards of flowers and vistas. At about a half mile you will come to the creek you saw earlier with the waterfall. Here there are a number of small cascades and waterfalls to enjoy. Keep in mind, the flow of water is seasonal.

This hike is not a designated hike or trail, so it is not maintained. However, it is very visible and easy to negotiate. Soon you will come to a plank bridge which takes you over the little creek you have been following. The trail gets steeper at this point and climbs around a pronounced cliffy area of photogenic interest. After passing through a small forest of white oak, the trail passes yet another plateau. Then the trail climbs steeply for a short distance before desiring to make an aburt hard left turn.

It is at this point, you will want to leave this users trail, and bear to the right, crossing a downed barb wire fence. Keep on the barely visible path as it leads you to the east and out on a great viewpoint. This is your destination and reward.

Oregon White Oak forest along Labyrinth trail
Oregon White Oak forest along Labyrinth trail

How to get there:

Rowland Lake Trailhead: Cross the Hood River Bridge ($2 toll) and turn right on WA Highway 14. Drive 5.8 miles to Old Highway 8. Turn onto Hwy 8 and immediately turn to your left. Park here at the intersection of Hwy 8 and Hwy 14 on the left (west) side of the road.

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