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Smith Rocks State Park
Smith Rocks Loop Hike
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Length: 4.5 miles round trip
Elevation Change: 1150' cummulative gain
Season: Nearly Year-round
Difficulty:   Easy to Moderate
State Park Pass Required

Features: This is one of the most popular hiking and rock climbing areas in Oregon. After one visit, you'll see why. This place is just plain fantastic!

I did the hike counter-clockwise. Beginning at the main parking area, I went east toward the picnic area, then to the main trail. The trail drops about 140' feet to the Crooked River Canyon below. Then it crosses the river via an excellent bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you have two main choices. If you only want to get to the top of the mountain in front of you, just keep straight ahead, and climb. 700 feet and about three quarters of a mile later you will be on top.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to do a fun loop hike, which will include getting to the top of Misery Ridge, then bear left and follow the trail along the Crooked River.

It is about a mile and a half to the base of Monkey Face, which is a 400 foot verticle spire. You then can climb through a series of well placed switchbacks to the top of Misery Ridge. From there you can complete your loop hike by following the trail back down to the bridge where you began the loop.

There are alot of wonderful things to enjoy here at Smith Rock. Each season will offer appropriate opportunities to satisfy your desire for a great day in the out-of-doors. You can't go wrong with a trip to Smith Rock State Park! ENJOY.

Crooked River from the Smith Rocks trail
Crooked River from the Smith Rocks trail

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